Just Try Adding Salt To Your Shampoo, You Will Say Goodbye To Hair Issues

While salt is commonly associated with cooking, it serves as cheap and natural boost to your beauty regimen as well. Salt is highly versatile and is widely used for countless things! Epsom salt, which is form of magnesium sulfate, offers a wide range of benefits as well as beauty, gardening-related, and household uses. It can be found in any drug store and is widely used to degrease oily hair, cleanse the scalp, and moisturize dry hair.

A Quick Fix for Oily Hair

Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to a bottle of shampoo you normally use, and shake the bottle so that the salt dissolves.  Wet the hair and add a quarter-size doze of the shampoo to your palms.  Rub the palms together to lather the mixture, and then massage it into the hair`s root and the scalp. Rinse the hair thoroughly and repeat the process.

Shampooing the first time removes oil and dead skin cells from the scalp while doing it the second time allows the salt to penetrate the scalp and make the hair fresher.

Moisturizing Dry Hair

Mix equal amounts of Epsom salt and a conditioner. For instance, you can use three tbsp of salt with three tbsp of conditioner.  Heat the mixture in a microwave for half a minute, making sure it`s not too hot nor too cool.

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